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This year, the personal and the professional has blended. We've seen pets and children, bedrooms and bookshelves. With a fading home/work divide, and ongoing unprecedented change to daily lives, employees are expecting empathetic leadership that recognises this, and employers are now a key part of a person's support network. And health and wellbeing is taking centre stage in that support.

Many employers are currently supporting the tip of the iceberg: prevention, mental and physical happiness, and telehealth. But below the waterline, there are some alarming facts to think about:

46% of employees are living with one or more chronic or non-acute health conditions (from cancer to back pain to menopause)

12% are caring for a loved one with a condition (from dementia to mental health issues)

Overall this is resulting in 6x absenteeism, 2x presenteeism; and resulting in an overall 12% drop in productivity.

Live Better With's platform addresses these hidden issuesIn a nutshell, the platform helps you provide support for multiple conditions across all demographics of employees. 

Supporting your workforce with Live Better With's platform

With 3 million customers over 5 years, Live Better With is the way to show your employees that you really care about their deeper challenges - especially at a time when empathetic leadership is expected more than ever.

For each condition, Live Better With offers employees free expert Q&A, hundreds of articles and stories, and a curated directory of trusted products and services. 

We already have users who work at Google, BBC, Unilever, Novartis, HSBC, the NHS, and many other large companies.

90% of users say that Live Better With improved their quality of life and they would recommend it to a colleague. 

Details of pricing for employers is available on request. 

Receive a copy of our white paper "Supporting Below the Waterline"

Live Better With has worked with senior HR advisors to write a groundbreaking white paper, which contains:

  • the 5 elements that make up a complete suite of health solutions for an employee
  • the first market map that showcases and organises the range of solutions on offer
  • a deep-dive into one solution that helps you go beyond general wellness and address the current health needs of your workforce, transforming your impact from 'vitamins' to 'painkillers'

Contact for a copy of the white paper or to arrange a short call about how Live Better With can support your workforce.  

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